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SEO is like that friend who always makes you sound better than what you actually are.

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We build beautiful award winning websites, so what! Without anybody ever finding them or seeing them we are wasting our time and your hard earned money. SEO is simply the process of getting your website favored by search engines and listed as highly as possible (hopefully on page 1). It sounds easy, but actually it’s a highly complicated process of coding, content, linking, tagging and schmoozing with a robot (literally).

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is fancy talk for getting your website ready for listings on Google and/or other search engines because believe it or not there is also life outside of Google (not much though).

Common misconceptions 

There are numerous misconceptions about SEO, which are listed below for our information. At Black and Yellow we like to think of ourselves as pros, not because we like to blow our own whistle but because the stats prove themselves. Not only have we achieved page 1 rankings for most of our clients, but we have also managed to retain that number 1 ranking for them.

Having a good SEO plan is better than having a sale’s team that always hits target.


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No business is too small or too big for an SEO strategy. We have worked with start-ups, SME’s, corporates, entrepreneurs and celebrities.

SEO misconceptions

Just for your enjoyment, here are the top 10 Google searches for 2017.

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