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Still an extremely effective method of communication, Newsletter Design if done properly carries massive conversion possibilities.

Believe it or not, newsletters or email communication still yield some of the highest click through results IF done properly.

Newsletter Services

It is extremely short sighted to discontinue the use of direct email marketing which is a trend that we are seeing a lot. A combined strategy of communication is key to delivering a message. 

Newsletter Design has become too “preachy” and sales driven and thus seem spammy. If you are getting low results, it could be due to any one of these reasons:

Wrong strategy

The path of least resistance when planning an emailer communication plan is to lump as much information together as possible and slat a call to action button at the bottom and hope for the best.

When the results aren’t as you wished, it is easy to write email marketing off as ineffective. Bad strategy Bob!  

Wrong message

Consumers are bombarded all day, every day with information. How will your information seem any different? As human beings in a consumer driven world, we are now instantly trained to filter out what is less relevant as a first step.

If your message is even perceived to be too much to read right now, then it will get looked over and possibly filed into the ‘I read this someday’ file. We all know what happens then Bob.

Old list

Email lists depreciate daily. Using an old list that you gathered months or years ago sadly won’t cut it. Laws around sending emails to people that haven’t opted into your list are so strict that ignoring them could get you looking through some bars for a while… know what I mean Bob? 

There are plenty more reasons, but let’s setup a chat and see how we can help you close leads to get the job done. Click the link above and setup some time with one of us. 

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