Finding your SECRET SAUCE

08 March 2017 / By Peter Vee
Secret Sauce

header-01Every business owner started a business for a reason. Hopefully the reason was a good reason, but through the storms of business, deals and dollars (using Rand didn’t have the same ring to it) that reason often gets clouded. When it does your business/brand message gets diluted, polluted and even sometimes forgotten. You need to find your secret sauce again. Your secret sauce is the little something that makes your business/brand special.

WHY before WHAT and HOW is the strategy rock of ages! Very few start-ups and SME’s go that route, rather they get infatuated by the WHAT romance because their ability is what strokes their ego and they come up with a smart plan of HOW to make it happen. Wrong. To find your sweet spot, it is vitally important to put your WHAT and HOW in the second draw and focus on WHY it is you do what you do. Now we’re talking. It might feel awkward at first like tapping your head and rubbing your belly. The difficulty is not the actual process but getting your well trained brain to do things differently holds the power.

Why is WHY important?

WHY has never lost it’s importance, even in the way most businesses do it by focussing first on WHAT and then HOW, followed by the third leg WHY. The only difference here is that WHY is now taking the lead. If the WHY doesn’t carry greater weight than WHAT and the HOW then it’s a waste of time and doesn’t deserve your attention.

How do we find the WHY? 

This is a brilliant question and I am now going to reveal the big answer, wait for it… I don’t know. Not what you expected right? If I knew what the secret to your sauce was then I’d be the master of your business and it would no longer be a secret, but regular “sauce!” What we can do for you is help you figure out what makes your business unique. You might know what the WHY is, but making the change is as easy as licking your own elbow. Impossible, unless you’re extremely freakishly talented.

It sounds easy

It is. I watch Shark Tank every Sunday night on MNet, because I love it. You would think that my favorite part of the show is the closed deals and the entrepreneurs that walks away smiling, but it’s not! What I love the most is the diverse perspective of many heads together discussing a rough sketch. Often it takes a single question from a different angle that’s turns the lights on. From your angle it might not sound easy, but taking a different approach all of a sudden makes the WHY a lot easier.

Being a creative agency, the next step for us is to package and make your WHY sexy. We design the sticker, peel the sticker and place the sticker on your bottle of secret sauce. Simply put, we take your WHY, WHAT and HOW and package it into a marketable message and make you rich. Get in touch with us, we’re dying to make you rich! Hello@blackandyellow.co.za or jump onto our website veestation.co.za and get in touch that way.

About The Author

Peter Vee

Peter Vee is a Creative Director with a mind for digital and an eye for a winning concept. Worked Internationally across multiple industries. Hands on designer, illustrator and digital wizard.