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Brands live or die based the quality of Content across their platforms.

A content creator is someone who compiles content and information for any media and most especially to digital media. They usually target a specific end-user/audience in specific contexts. Content Creation is a personal fit for your business or brand as it becomes the voice and personality to the world/user.

What types of content do we create?

Content Creation is the broad term for creating the actual nuts and bolts of your brand. The images and videos you publish on social media, the text on your website that seamlessly paints a vivid picture of what your business is about.

Why is creating good content so important?

Content is the life that runs through the veins of your communication to the outside world. How your brand is perceived is largely reliant on the content that is created. It is key to getting it right as a brand. 

Once the content is created, then we’re done right?

Right and wrong. The are pieces of content that fulfil a once-off role like brochures, ads and website content and there are continuing needs for updated Content like PR and social media. You will most probably need both in your marketing or advertising journey.  

How do we charge?

Our content is charged based on either a project scope which is roughly worked out on an hourly rate. Where this is not possible, we will quote you based on a project rate based off your provided scope.  

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